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company culture

The enterprise is the tree, the culture is the root; the enterprise is the building, the culture is the foundation; the enterprise is the media, and the culture is the soul.

Advanced corporate culture is the cornerstone and driving force for the continuous development and growth of the company. Boji pays attention to the construction of corporate culture. In the process of continuous development and growth, it has formed a rich and distinctive cultural concept.

Company goal: To provide the most effective protection for the development of green economy and low-carbon economy

Company tenet: take humanities as the feelings, take green as the theme, take science and technology as the means, and take environmental protection as the goal

Service concept: Only when we are always dissatisfied can we make our customers always satisfied

Public philosophy: our business, our home

Employee Creed: Allegiance, Confidence, Sincerity, Innovation

Employment Orientation: Virtue and Talent

Work style: Serious, strict, fast and effective