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Serial number Invention patent name Patent No Authorization year certificate
1 Swirl nozzle of refining furnace ZL 200810022568.8 year 2010 download
2 Multifunctional nozzle of refining furnace ZL 200810022567.3 year 2011 download
3 Plunger type upper spray laminar flow cooling device ZL200910047955.1 2012 download
4 Laminar flow width adjustable bias cooling device and control method ZL200910047958.5 year 2013 download
5 Spray-cooled quenching system for premixed rails ZL201210348692.X Year 2014 download
6 High-density straight header cooling device ZL201010157426.X Year 2014 download
7 Wet type variable-flow spray spraying high-efficiency dust removal and purification device ZL201310281391.4 2015 download
8 Smoke Dust Collector ZL201110216156.X 2015 download