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Air atomizing nozzle
Air atomizing nozzle
Air atomizing nozzle

Characteristics of air atomizing nozzle (air and water atomizing nozzle):

(1) The cooling is more uniform, and the water will not be locally concentrated in a small area, but will be evenly distributed throughout the spray surface.

(2) The adjustment range of water volume is large. The ratio of the minimum water volume to the maximum water volume can reach 1:10 for general nozzles, 1:25 for special nozzles, and 1: 3 for water nozzles.

(3) The diameter of the spray water droplets is small. When Rwa = 35 or less, the average body area diameter is less than 100 m, which greatly improves the cooling efficiency, so it can save 30% -50% water under the same cooling conditions.

(4) The nozzles are not easy to be blocked and have a long service life. Under the same conditions, the number of nozzles and the amount of field maintenance can be reduced.