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steel industry
raw material
In terms of raw materials for the iron and steel industry, we can provide related products and solutions for dust reduction and dust removal during storage and transportation of iron ore, limestone, coking coal, etc.
Sintering is to mix and iron iron ore powder, fuel, and solvent with water to granulate and put it on the sintering equipment for ignition and sintering. The soluble materials are softened and melted after high temperature, and then the liquid phase is cooled to bind those refractory materials. Sinter. Sintering will emit harmful gas product sulfur dioxide, which must be processed by flue gas desulfurization.
In the production process of coke, gas coal, fat coal, coking coal, and Yancoal need to be blended into a mixed coal in a certain proportion and sent to a coke oven for high coking. It is mainly composed of coal preparation, coking, and chemical production and collection workshops.
blast furnace
The blast furnace is currently the main means and equipment for pig iron manufacturing. Now the blast furnace workshop mainly includes five parts, including the blast furnace body, ore storage tank, tapping plant, dust removal and hot blast stove. In addition, there are gas cleaning, furnace top gas residual pressure power generation, water slag , Coal injection and other auxiliary workshops.
Converter steelmaking uses molten iron, scrap steel, and ferroalloys as the main raw materials. The physical heat of the molten iron and the chemical reaction between the molten iron components generate heat to complete the steelmaking process in the converter, which will generate a large amount of iron oxide dust particles and carbon monoxide gas. It must be purified, recycled, and comprehensively used to prevent environmental pollution.
Electric stove
Electric furnace steelmaking is a method of converting electrical energy into heat energy for smelting.
Refining is a steelmaking process in which the newly molten steel is degassed, deoxidized, desulfurized, inclusions removed, and fine-tuned in a container in a vacuum, inert gas or reducing atmosphere.
Continuous casting
Continuous casting is a casting process in which molten steel continuously passes through a water-cooled crystallizer, condenses into a hard shell, and is continuously pulled out from the outlet below the crystallizer. After being cooled by spraying water, it is solidified and cut into billets.
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